About us

About us

Our company is connected with STALPRODUKT S.A. who is a manufacturer of cold pressed profiles and electromagnetic steel sheeting. Since 1970 we manufacture spare parts for machines and technological devices used by the manufacturing departments.

In 1998 we became an independent company, registered under the name of STALPRODUKT WAMECH Sp. z o.o. with initial capital of PLN 1 200 000. Currently we employ 120 persons. Our team comprises of employees having many years of experience in metal processing, who are familiar with the technological processes and who have been equipped with modern machines and tools, allowing them to fully utilise their abilities.

Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers, thus we offer our expertise in the field of construction, selection of proper materials, machining, heat treatment and chemical processing. Currently, apart from manufacturing spare parts for STALPRODUKT S.A. we cooperate with numerous other companies, operating in various industry branches. Among them are printing mills, food stuff manufacturers, plants manufacturing ceramic construction elements and decorative ceramics, building and construction companies, foundries, plastic processing plants, packaging manufacturers and many others.  

We take great care of individual customers, as we try to solve their nagging problems and meet their needs. We invite all our regular customers to continue cooperation and interested parties, to make contact with our representatives.

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