Other services

Other services

As a part of our work, we also offer other services:

– profile burning, using numerically controlled burners, acetylene burners or plasma torches. Maximum dimensions: 2000x3000mm; Max. thickness of steel sheeting for structural elements: 180mm;

– sharpening tools, saws, milling cutters. Max. diameter of saws and interlocking cutters 850mm;

– presses and guillotine knives

– hard facing  of rotating elements, using wires manufactured by Castolin. Max. diameter D900mm, max. length L3000mm;

– regeneration of openings in housings by hard facing

– regeneration of overhead crane wheels by hard facing

– We have licenses to perform such types of work issued by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT), decision No: UD-12-101-N/1-17 of 2 October 2017. Max. wheel diameter: D800mm.

– spraying elements using the RotoTec technology and powders allowing to utilise the “cold” process. Max. dimensions of the processed elements: Ø900x3000mm;